Music stops playing on PS4

Music stops playing on PS4



Hi there!


Since a couple of month now I have a strange error on my PS4 when listening on Spotiy.


Wether I start my music directly via the Spotify-App or via the context-menu (when you press & hold the "PS"-Button on the controller) the music will stop playing after 30~45 mins.


If I start music via the app:

- Music stops playing after 30~45 min

- I got redirected to the login-prompt

- I need to log in again


If I start music via context-menu:

- Sound stops after 40~45 min
- The current song seems to play (the time/clock is still "ticking (? don't know how to say that in EN 😕 )")
- After a while the context menu closes itself

- I have to restart my playlist


I already tried to fix that by setting the MTU value from "auto" to "1450" as suggested in other PS4-related issues but the error still occurs.

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well, sorry for blind eyes, I just found the troubleshooting-thread and will try that. I'll reply again if it won't help :<

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