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Music will play after commercial message

Music will play after commercial message

When this message apears, the message never plays and the music stops completely. Any ideas?

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Having the same issue

I also had the same problem. I had to completely quit the app and start over.

Same here. Each time I've logged out and back in. It will play 3 or 4 songs then the same thing happens.

Update 2 - just after sending the previous update, no music, and a message "There is a problem with the connection to Spotify. Please try again shortly. (802)." Exit, go back to radio, and okay again for now.


Update - closed Spotify again, went back and played a radio station, running fine. I was trying to play items in a queue before.


"will play after commercial message" then hangs. Ditto problem after installing latest version this morning.

Same problem. For me, each time it stops is when the "Dilllon Francis Money Sucks Friends Rule" Commercial is about to play

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