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Musiccast Spotify Connect not playing some songs

Musiccast Spotify Connect not playing some songs

I have a Yamaha WXC-50 Musiccast device that I am having an issue with.  Certain songs will not play, and it's randomly that it occurs. It is not particular songs. It will play a song that wouldn't play after a while and then I'll come across another that it will not play that was playing moments before.  It makes no sense.  It will stop if the song that doesn't play is in a playlist. If you are skipping forward and come to a song that won't play, it will back up to the previous song, you can't skip past the song that wont play. When you hit the play button, it turns to to pause and then quickly back to play. It doesn't matter what device you use to control, or account. It happens to my wife and I both from our phones, tablets, or even if I try to control from a web app on computer. Other Spotify connect devices we own do not have this issue, Including our TV, Roku, and an Arylic A-50 amplifier.  I have reset the device several times.  I have searched this extensively and cannot find any info. This just started a few days ago and is very frustrating.


Is anyone else having this issue?



3 Replies

I am having the exact same issue. I have two Yamaha receivers RX-A770 and R-N402 and both use to work perfectly with Spotify. Both are now having the same issue you just described and it started recently.

Since none of the devices you or I mentioned have had updates in a while, it must be a Spotify issue communicating with the Yamaha architecture.  I'll try to report it.

I have no idea why but yesterday my Yamaha receivers started working with Spotify again. I was wondering if your receivers are also now working correctly?

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