My Play-fi speakers show up but I can't connect.

My Play-fi speakers show up but I can't connect.

I have been using 3 separate Definitive Play-Fi speakers for a couple of years without issue.  Now that there has been a Spotify App update (new look) I can't use Spotify Connect to play those speakers.  They show up in the list of available, however when I choose one, it says, "connecting" but never does and goes back to saying "devices available".   I can use the Play-Fi app and connect to them fine with other music services, but of course that app tells me to go to the Spotify app to connect.  What happened?  I have reloaded the app with no luck.  

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Same here, can somebody help us ? It started with a play-fi update

No kidding... similar issue here.  When I change to Spotify Connect settings to ONLY show devices on my current wifi network, it cuts down to only like one or two speakers.  All others drop off of Spotify Connect menu even though they're all still connected to my wifi.  Totally bogus, and getting very frusturating.

Unplugging EVERY play-fi speaker and shutting down/restarting spotify seems to work, but issue simply repeats the next day.  😞

Yes I have the same issue, have Polk Omni speakers that operate via Play-Fi app but cannot get them to connect using spotify app, I have tried everything. Always have to resort to hard wiring to pc, phone or tablet to work, totally defeats the purpose of wifi system!!!! I'll not be renewing my subscription service soon if it's not sorted Spotify!!!

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