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My Playlists have disappeared on my Squeezebox touch.

My Playlists have disappeared on my Squeezebox touch.

There are been many problems with not just my Spotify access but the logitech squeezebox touch recently. I thought it was all sorted as yesterday it was all working mostly ok.

This morning however none of my playlists are available on my SBT. However, I can search and it does play tracks. I have reinstalled the app and get the same problem. It says I am fully connected too.

Spotify is available on my home computers so it must be just the app on the SBT.

Please can anyone help.

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I am mostly getting a 502 bad gateway when I try to access the spotify app on my SBT. It claims I have nothing 'starred' but on my computer I do. It's certainly the app not working!

Anyone having the same problem this morning? 

I have the same problem on all my Squeezebox devices, 4 of them

and I can't get my device password from is say all the time "There was a problem sending your e-mail, please try again later"

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