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My Wrapped results are inaccurate

My Wrapped results are inaccurate

It lists my sleep music as my number 1. That's so embarrassing. I feel left out. I wanna be about to brag about my ACTUAL favorite artists, not the white noise i SLEEP to. There should be a way to remove it from my results.

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Yeah one of my top artists is someone called 'Blackbear' literally never heard of listened to him? 

Yea my Wrapped is so inacurate its not even funny. I have never heard of a single one of the artists they mentioned. I use with spotify so I already know what it should look like but none of my actual top artists/songs appear anywhere.

Me too.


Apparently I've listened to 34 days of music (99% increase on 2017) and two of my top five tracks I didn't know them by title.

They seem to be having a problem. Idk when they will fix it.

Mine says I've listened a total of 266 hours when I listen to my spotify about 5 hours everyday... also I've got artists i've never heard of before in my top artists?

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