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My Year in Music page tells me to update my browser, but my browser is up to date. Help?

My Year in Music page tells me to update my browser, but my browser is up to date. Help?

I'm using chrome on mac, also tried it on firefox and I got the exact same message telling me to update my browser.

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I;m getting the same message, it's really frustrating!

Me too! I have tried three different browsers. I wish they would fix it!

Even tried this on ios--no luck what is this **bleep**.

I had this problem since 9th of December that I'm trying to see "My Year In Music" but it just comes up with "Please update your browser" , thought it was actually My problem (even when I knew I had all up to date), so I checked with different browser: 
1. Mozilla
2. Google Chrome
3. Opera
4. Even with the new browser Vivaldi.

Finally I gave up, and gladly (because I was going crazy) I saw that in the Forums of Google Chrome:!msg/chrome/YaoKXgDRB9Y/3kk8L0LfAwAJ and in here Spotify had the same issue.

So let's wait until some one on Spotify read our problem and please give Us a Solution!

It's working on mobile browser now.

I'm having the exact same issue. I have the absolute latest update for both Firefox and Chrome yet on both browsers it says that I need to update my browsers. I cannot update them as the developers have not released anything to update it to.


I've cleared my cache, restarted my browsers, restarted my computer, cleared my cache again, cleared all my cookies, even did a full reset of Firefox and a full reinstall of Chrome. Nothing seems to work. I no longer think that it's a problem I can fix.


I wanted to see my year in music but now it doesn't really seem worth it.

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