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My filter for liked songs does not appear after reinstalling.


My filter for liked songs does not appear after reinstalling.

My filters for my liked songs do not show up anymore. At first I noticed that when I pressed on genres each filter said that it hide certain songs and did not show any songs. After searching the posts about this problem, I did a quick reinstall which lead to no filters at all. After this I did a complete clean and installation of the app and it did not change. I have a iPhone 14, I have automatic updates and I am on premium duo. Please contact me with any information regarding this. Thank you.
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Spotify is just so **bleep**ing annoying!!!!!! At first I get the genre filter feature, my friend who also hae spotify doesn't have this feature, so he contacts spotify support and they tell him that this feature was a test and that they have only released it to a small market. Fast forward 2 years later my genre filter is gone and my friend still have it. What the **bleep**? this feature should be available in all markets for every user. You can't just give extra and more appealing features to some users and make it unavailable for others I have been really thinking of signing out and deleting this useless app just for this. 

Hi @Ivelina, I'm based in Hong Kong and despite updating the app on Iphone with latest IOS, I still cannot find the feature. Please advise. 

Hi Ivelina, 


I have same issue and filters are no longer working on spotify. I've reinstalled and updated Spotify and still nothing. Can you advise, please?

Hi Ivelina, I am still having the issue of the genre and mood filters not showing on my Spotify after reinstalling. My version is which is the latest version. Does this have anything to do with me being located in Australia?


I don't this is fixed.  I clicked on the "Liked Songs" playlist for the first time ever yesterday (6/26/24), and saw the genre filters and used them.  Today (6/27/24) they are no longer appearing at all.

I have no idea what I just did - just navigating around to different playlists, etc., in my library, and went back to Liked Songs, and lo and behold, the filters are back.

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