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My playlists are gone

My playlists are gone

So, I had a ton of playlists on my old PC. Well, not a ton, but I had playlists I used on the daily. I got a new PC fo Christmas, and downloaded Spotify. I logged in, and low and behold, none of my playlists were there. It just sucks, because I spent years making those playlists. I don't have premium, but I thought theyd save, because I also logged onto my phone and they were there. But, Spotify on the phone isn't half as good on PC, so I wanted to use my playlists on the PC.

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Hello @zila10

I think you created a second account by mistake and are using it to log in on your new PC. Don't worry, it is a common issue. Check out this page, it contains steps to finding all your accounts - use the one containing your playlists.

Happy listening 🙂

I looked on the forum you listed, and checked to make sure I didn't have other Spotify accounts. While my Facebook was connected, I was still connected to the right account. I've looked through the settings and found nothing on how to recover the playlists, and none of the troubleshoots I've found have helped much.

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