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My public playlist doesn't show up in search results

My public playlist doesn't show up in search results



Dear admins/moderators, I need your help here 😭


I've created a public playlist two years ago that has the full collection of songs of the popular KonoSuba anime that I have painstakingly found. I wanted to make sure the community is able to play these difficult-to-find songs of this famous anime that are difficult for most people to find if they can't read/type Japanese in the search function.


Now, the problem here is that I realized that I couldn't find this playlist of mine through the search function if I'm not logged in. I've double checked my settings and verified that this playlist of mine is set to "public" and it's also listed on my profile. While there's a couple of followers on it, I believe they must have followed my other playlists that led their curiosity to go into my profile and ultimately locate this 'treasure trove' of mine.


All in all, I'm not sure what has gone wrong but I'm certain it's not coming from me cuz I have done everything I can to troubleshoot it but to no avail. I came to the conclusion that there must be an issue with the search engine that didn't capture my playlist inside the database? Keep in mind that it has already been 2 years since this playlist of mine was created. You can test it yourself by typing "Konosuba" or "この素晴" in the search engine.


I attached a screenshot that shows that my playlist only appears in the search results if I'm logged in (i.e. via the Spotify app). But my playlist would not show up when I'm not (and yes I did scroll all the way down till the last search result - please try it yourself and you will know what I mean).


UPDATE: Issue resolved. Thank you!

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Hey how's it going? Maybe your playlist has a very common title, so the oldest playlists or playlists with the most followers appear. Experiment with a less common title that is attractive at the same time.

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