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My public playlists are not actually public :(

My public playlists are not actually public :(

If you look at my Spotify profile, it says "This user has not published any playlists". This occurs both on the web app and desktop app. 


- I have tried right clicking on my playlists, making them secret and re-making them public but that doesn't work.

- I have also tried changing the options so all new playlists aren't automatically public and I make them that way manaually. But still they won't show.


What's even stranger is that I can't do these things in the web app


- Delete a playlist

- Add a playlist

- And there are no options to make it public or private


How can I fix this? 😕


Oh my username is jwendzina 🙂

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Hi. Please use the online contact form and someone at Spotify can help get this sorted. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it to speed things along.

Done - thanks.

I have the exact same problem.  What was the fix???


Dunno yet, waiting for someone at Spotify to fix it!

Well, this is what's fixed!


But my account was corrupt and beyond repair. So in exchange for a couple of free months of premium, I had to start a new account and they had to transfer over all of my playlists. Not fun - but it's all working again now. Phew.

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