My spotify won't work on windowsphone help me.

My spotify won't work on windowsphone help me.


Hello community, 


I just downloaded spotify for my holidays, i wanted to test out primium for free(one month). And now i wanted to start spotify on my windowsphone. But it wouldnt work. if i start the app it only shows the starting screen.It doesnt mather how long i wait the starting screen( with spotify logo and processing balls) won't go away. I already delted the app and downloaded again and i already restarted my telephone and it did not work. So what can i do now ?? can some one please help me ? i would like to use spotify in my 12 hour plane flight next week so help me please ! 


i hope to hear from you soon ! 




Pascal Nuijten

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Hey @PascalNuiten


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Apologies for the delay here. This sounds like it could be an issue with the cache on your device.


Head to and remove all your offline devices.


Then, reinstall the app and re-sync your offline tracks. They should download without a hitch now!


If you still have trouble, let us know and we'll think of something else.



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