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I just noticed that the webplayer UI changed and I don´t like it!! Why they canceled the possibility to have the playlists in a list (instead of forcing the user to have all this infinite scrolling with unuseful multicoloured canvases)? My brain is exploding! Also when I'm listening to a playlist I can't organize the song list on a chronological order and I can´t move position of the tracks anymore!!!!! This is sooo baaad!!!

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Probably you're currently using Try using the old!

Keep me updated 😉


thanks for the answer. even though I do so then it force-redirects me to


The old player was much better. I struggle to figure out where things are in this new UI. Nothing is labelled, and trying to pull up your current play queue is an exercise in frustration, randomly clicking things until you figure out to click the tiny album art in the lower left. Please give us the option to revert back to the old one. This new one is painful to use.

I hate the new webplayer there is no radio on it 

The problem is on function limitations and an overall sense of tech nazism. They change without even informing... I was a premium user but after they did a mess with my playlist and account I decided to get back to free. These UI/UX are digital tourists.

Have you tried visiting Play through the incognito mode of your browser?

I liked the new version! Actually I got a little bit frustrated when the old one came back for me, but today I have the new one again! 🙂


I liked because it's a clean version (less info, more space in the text). The only thing I would like to change is to have a search only for playlists that I have. Because in the old version I could easily find all my playlists (left site, the "recently played" area), but now the left side shows only the last three, and on the right side, with the albums cover bigger, it's more difficult to find... Maybe a search for songs and artists too? But, like I said, a specific search only for the ones I saved. 

Try logging out using open.spotify and then log back in using play.spotify. Hope this helps!

This doesn't work. No matter what I do, including log out, going to takes me to, and the new layout.

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