Please fix this. I know I'm not the only one dealing with this. My music will not play anymore on my chromebook. I press play and nothing then if I go out of it and come back it says "oops something went wrong with the playback-reload". I've reloaded it about 50 times. It does nothing. I've cleared my cache, restarted and still nothing. I've tried rebooting my laptop. No change. I added the [*.] to my plugins exceptions. Nothing is fixing it. I just want my music back. I pay for the premium membership and this needs to please be fixed asap. Thank you
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I suggest that you try and install the Spotify Android app on your chromebook.  Depending on what chromebook you have, you should now have the ability to install most apps from the play store.  


Check out this link


No I cannot get apps from the play store. Only the chrome store and their Spotify app works like **bleep** now. Thanks anyways though.

Still not working.  It looks good and the seconds tick but no sound comes out.  And yes, my speakers are on and the volume is up.  Spotify is working elsewhere but not my Chromebook.

And it's not possible to sort songs in the chromebook webplayer. I pay for premium and this is not fixed

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