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Naming problem on Fire TV with Spotify Connect V 0.1.2

Naming problem on Fire TV with Spotify Connect V 0.1.2

The new version of Spotify Connect on the Fire TV works again. But now all Fire TVs have the same name. They are all called Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. The old version used the device name you had given the device in your Amazon account. How am I now supposed to know which device is which when you have more than one Fire TV? Please fix this!
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did you figure out how to get the fire tv stick name to appear? it's a real problem in our house as we have 3 sticks in different rooms... never know where your music is playing! 




This Problem is still there....


I have 5 Sticks in our house. Every Stick is a "FireTV Stick" in my latest Spotify App on Android 6. I have to start a song on the device i want to listen to music to see which device it actually is.


In every other App like Youtube it just works with the Amazon Device Name i gave to the stick....



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