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Neil Young > Joe Rogan

Neil Young > Joe Rogan

Please consider keeping Neil Young instead of Joe Rogan. The amount of covid-related misinformation, misogyny, and vitriol that Joe Rogan produces is not productive and is not something I will listen to on Spotify. However, Neil Young is a music LEGEND and has a significant fan following (none of which applies to Joe Rogan). If keeping one or the other, the choice is clear -- keep Neil Young and dump Joe Rogan.



233 Replies

do what it takes to keep Neil

See ya Neil.


We don’t need Mr. Young around anyhow.

Spotify, don't cave to the Marxists.  Rogan >>> Neil

Freedom of speech comes first, open dialog is needed now more than ever

delete Neil Young if he so desires it 

I for one would rather see a young Rogan than an old Young

I used to love Neil Young.... USED to.... keep Joe Rogan

You may not need NY around anymore. The planet needs Rogan gone for it's safety.

What? I say Say no to **bleep**......Keep Neil!!!! Dump the pile of **bleep** in the toilet.


Keep Neil Young music and get rid of the misinformation dispenser Joe Rogan. I realize it's financially inconvenient, but so is a boycott.

I just want to thank you for keeping Joe Rogan and letting neil young take his **bleep** music down the road. Screw neil young. I am a new subscriber to Spotify and have been enjoying the service immensely. If you had censored Joe at the behest of an old, washed up has-been, I would have cancelled my subscription before sunset. So sick of this cancel b.s. If you don't want to listen to Joe, don't listen to him. I actually do not listen to him. I'm not much into Podcasts. I'm just sick and dam tired of this censorship and cancel nonsense in this country any more. Because you made the decision to keep Joe, I'll keep my subscription. Thank you.

Keep Rogan. Neil can take a hike.

Could not agree more, a very poor choice has been made by Spotify.. even just to allow the current content of Joe Rogan 

Well done spotify for not caving in to Woke anti-free speech Neil Young. Joe Rogan listens to, investigates and reports on BOTH sides of the argument in current issues. Vacine/covid zealots like Neil can't accept there are other points of view from experts on both sides and want to Shut down open discussion (Communist/Fascist book burning springs to mind).  I was ready to cancel my Premium membership if you had allowed this misguided individual to bully you. 

__  revised post __

@sandymcf@, @LongTimeUser123  ..with respect, what do you base that on?  have you ever listened to his podcast?   He investigates in depth, and reports on both sides of the argument on current issues. Some people can't stand that and want to cancel content that doesn't match/re-inforce their own view. Do you really want to live in a country that doesn't allow open discussion?

When he includes guests on his show who spread vaccine misinformation, there isn't a "both sides" to be reporting on. There is the science, and then there are opinions that will end up harming people. 

@misskck ..and who decides it's 'miss-information', you? Jack Dorkey(twitter)? Mark Zuckerbug(FB)? Neil young (musically talented left-wing socialist)? or would you rather be able to listen to the evidence from both sides?

Rogan should not be there in the first place.  Shame  on Spotify for making an exclusive deal with Rogan. I have been a Spotify user since day 1, I’m considering to leave. 

Hi there: in a world that’s already seen a lot in the last few years, Joe Rogan’s show is disinformation. Rogan’s show is helping to fuel a global health crisis, and it’s a cheap shot to hide behind the wafer-thin veneer of 1st amendment rights. I can’t justify paying money so that you can syndicate a public health crisis.


Neil Young is a polio survivor, an activist, and arguably one of the great songwriters of the twentieth and twenty-first century. Joe Rogan wildly advocates unsubstantiated medical claims. The choice is easy. I’m a 8-year user with a family account, and we’ll be switching to Apple music in February.

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