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Neil Young > Joe Rogan

Neil Young > Joe Rogan

Please consider keeping Neil Young instead of Joe Rogan. The amount of covid-related misinformation, misogyny, and vitriol that Joe Rogan produces is not productive and is not something I will listen to on Spotify. However, Neil Young is a music LEGEND and has a significant fan following (none of which applies to Joe Rogan). If keeping one or the other, the choice is clear -- keep Neil Young and dump Joe Rogan.



233 Replies

I had to purchased Neils' CDs and LPs. You lose one more of my favorite artist, I am gone to Tidal. Boot Joe Rogan. He brings nothing.

Freedom of speech is not lies of speech. Take lies of speech elsewhere not in USA.

Lies? Like what's coming from the WH? Next you'll tell us that the 8.5%
inflation is Putin's fault...and Trump's...and Covid 🙂

strongly disagree. He has so many interesting and diverse people on, it's
very entertaining and informative

OK zs6_-efzwjrdd
"Illogical, nonsensical, and just total straw man." 
I suppose I got the short end of the stick. Apologies. My impressions of you must have been mistaken. Let's continue the conversation about influence, because in my view you raise some points. 
So then, as far as my presumptions being illogical, you are saying you are not a Christian. Gotit. 
And you never watch Fox news (because cable costs too much. Understood, It can. 
Just a little tip, Fox can be watched for free on a multiple number of platforms, including Youtube.)
So claiming my "nonsense" you are supposedly saying that my presumptions of you being a Christian, and watching Fox News, are both completely false. 
I understand. 
So, if you were a Christian, per se, and you watched a bit of Fox news now and then, would it bother you (in that aspect) about the whole Satanic Bible thing? 
Because that network has a massive influence. 

It is hard to believe that Rogan’s podcast would be chosen over iconic, inspirational, heartfelt Neil Young.  This choice is incredibly disappointing and has caused me to lose respect for Spotify.  Please reconsider!!

JOE Rogan is a douche, and anyone who likes him or Jordan Peterson is a pseudo-intellectual. Long live Neil Young!

Lol Marxists? You’re dumb. Neil in an American as well as multimillionaire capitalist. Lol. 

Lol when it’s some real scientist/doctor on one side, and some guy who eats his own boogers on the other side, and Joe is asking them

both questions and listening to both answers like they’re equal…no…one person is educated and has the facts, the other is spouting**bleep** opinions. Yes they should be able to, no they shouldn’t be given an equal platform, because clearly dumb people like you can’t tell the difference!!  Lol

I have been a Spotify customer for roughly a decade nearly since it first launched here in the US. I have since stopped subscribing due to this Joe Rogan controversy.


I think Spotify is a superior service compared to the competition. But even a year later, with no good resolution to the controversy, I cannot bring myself to pay for Premium service.


What made Spotify great was that it didn't need nuanced content moderation policies because didn't have podcasts. But the business model has changed with Spotify paying for exclusivity deals. It's no longer a business model of straight-forward remuneration.


Can I pay for premium music service without podcasts?

Actually, he's Canadian, therefore he's an "honorary" American.

I’m a big Spotify fan but what a poor choice was made in this matter! Spotify, please fix this and delete the podcasts in which Rogan and his guests clearly spread lies and conspiracy theories. This can easily be fact-checked. And then humbly beg Mr. Young to have his catalogue back on Spotify again. Or just sell the Rogan podcast rights to another platform. I really couldn’t care less. But not having Neil Young on (what started out as a) music platform is just embarrassing 

I agree. Dump Joe Rogan and invite Neil Young back.  It's all about the music Spotify.  That's why we're here.

Dump the pundits!

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