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Neither the windows or web player versions of Spotify will work

Neither the windows or web player versions of Spotify will work

For the past month or so, ever since I had a bad hard drive replaced, the desktop version of Spotify hasn't been working, so I have been forced to use the web player. The web player has been working fine until the other day, when it said I needed to update Adobe Flash. I installed Flash and everything went fine, but when I go back to the web player it still says I need to install Flash. I've tried reinstalling it multiple times but it still says it Flash needs to be updated. 

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Hey there! 


Let's get that web player sorted for you. What browser are you currently using? Although you've installed Adboe Flash have you checked if it's enabled within your browsers settings? 


Also it looks like you're not the only one here, it might be worth having a look at this post as they've had the same issue as yourself 


Happy Listening! 



I'm using Firefox. I tried using the web player on Google Chrome and it works, but I would like to be able to use it on Firefox.

Right, we've got two things worth trying then. 


Option 1 - In Firefox click the hambuger menu (the 3 lines in the top right hand corner) and then select add-ons (puzzle piece), then select plugins (lego brick) and where Sockwave Flash is, just check that it's on Always Activate. 


If Shockwave Flash isn't there, you've not installed the Flash Player. 


Option 2 - Reinstall Firefox. 


And try it again. 


Good Luck! 



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