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Never Received Google Home Mini

Never Received Google Home Mini





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I have subscribed to the Family Plan when the free Google Home Mini promotion was going on. When I did that, I used my Facebook.

When I signed up for the plan, I was requested to enter my information including shipping information, then I got a message saying "you have reserved your Google Home", which made me believe that was all that was required.

Now I am reading that I was supposed to receive an email to choose my google home, but unfortunately the email connected to my facebook is invalid.

Is there something that could be done?



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Hello @Isamilicious,


Thanks for getting in touch!


We're long past the offer unfortunately so we can't do anything anymore.


We do special offers more often, so who knows there will be a different offer in the future you can apply for 🙂


Let us know if you have questions. Have a nice day!

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