New Releases section is not updating

New Releases section is not updating




I registered for premium on Spotify exactly one month ago, when Spotify launched in Romania. Apart from the fact that the "Discover Weekly" playlist is still not showing up after one month of subscription in "Discover" (from what I know, it takes about two weeks for it to show up), and I can find it only if I search for "Discover Weekly" and follow the playlist, I have another problem which is a bit annoying. 

In the "New Releases" section, where Albums and Singles show up, I keep seeing the same recommendations sice day 1 of my subscription. Nothing changed. I would really like to see the latest releases based on what I listen to. I use Release Radar, indeed, but I don't follow ALL the artists I like, some may have slipped through and therefore, I would love to be able to see the New Releases updated when something comes out, plus, it also helps me be always in touch with new artists as my occupation implies that I am always up to date with new releases.


Strange thing is that my girlfrend also started the accound when I did, after Spotify launched in Romania, and she sees the same new releases as in day one as well. Can this be fixed? Is it something that has to do with the region? It would be pretty odd since I don't see how region would affect the new releases page. 


Looking forward to hearing from you! 


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Hey folks,

Thanks for keeping us in the loop and bearing with us while we've been looking into this.

We want you to know that the New Releases sections are being managed and distributed differently depending on the country or region and we believe that this is the main reason for this segment to be updated irregularly for some users. However, we advise you to always keep your apps running on the latest supported versions to ensure that all features will work as expected and you don't miss out on any fixes.

It's also worthwhile checking out the What's New feed, which is available on Android and iOS and keeps you up to speed about new releases/listings from your followed artists.

Hope this clears things up. If you have any further questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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Hey folks,

We understand your frustration when New Releases section is not updating, however the reasons for this happening could be much different for each and every one of you.
We can confirm that the team has made changes to the feature and the behavior described in this thread at this time step should have improved. As this thread here has become too general and has grown a bit old, going forward, we'd like to close it off, so feel free to start a new thread where you give us more info about what exactly is happening and what you've tried to resolve this.

We're always working on making the algorithm better and we'd love to help if you experience difficulties with the New Releases updating.
We recommend:
  • performing a clean reinstall using the steps here;
  • clean cached files;
  • log out > restart > log back in;
  • keep the app running on the latest supported versions.
We hope this clears things up. Take care!
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New Zealand



LG V30 +

Operating System

(Android 9.)


My Question or Issue

For the last 3 weeks my new releases hasnt updated or shown new music that is being released. Ive removed app and reinstalled still no change. I use spotify for all music and this is starting to get annoying...



AKA g eazys new album thats been released- not showing in this list


Yep, exactly the same for me - same country, and the new releases are stuck at the same albums.



Premium (Family)


New Zealand



Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Windows desktop app

Operating System

(Android 9.)/Windows 10









Same problem, started at the same albums too

Woke up this morning and the new releases have started updating again. Thanks for the fix


Has this issue been resolved as I have it too, as do my friends. We are premium subscribers in Romania. 


I am not even seeing New Releases anymore on iOS. This was updating for me every Friday until today, and was visible until yesterday (Thursday). Apple CarPlay still had Release Radar on it as a station, but I cannot see the New Releases on the iOS app home screen. There is a New Music Friday feed but that is generic popular releases, and my preferred music is not popular or generic. 


My list of new releases (jazz) has not updated since june 2018!! Incredible...

Hey, for me too. Have you found any solution to this problem?


Hey folks!


Thanks for getting in touch!


Keep in mind that the tab New Releases in the Browse section gets updated at uneven intervals. Still, if you haven't seen any change in a longer period of time, we recommend that you perform a clean reinstall using the steps here. If that doesn't do the trick we'd appreciate if you test on another device or with another account if the selection displayed there are different and share the result in the comments.


Note also that the Release Radar gets updated regularly every Friday. If you don't want to miss a thing from the artists you follow, we suggest you have a look there.


Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

Mihail Moderator
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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate that somebody is taking care of this bothersome issue of Spotify.

I have updated several times the app in the last couple of years, in different platforms (Windows, Android) and computers/tablets/smartphones, and the problem is still there: the list of "new releases" (JAZZ) is the same since 2018.

Things have slightly changed recently with the addition of 4 relatively recent releases (only one is really "new"), but everything else is still the same as two years ago.

I have checked at random another genre (POP, not my type of music) and apparently the "new releases" are really new there! Is JAZZ the problem?

This is a very annoying issue of an otherwise great app.


My release radar hasn't changed since March.

I already uninstalled and still hasn't changed


Hi there @kudepi and @Aaron533,


Thank you for your replies in this thread.


Can you confirm if you followed these steps when you performed a reinstall? This is different from a quick reinstall and could be helpful to get rid of any cached files that might be causing trouble.


It would also be great if you can log in on another device - such as a friend's or a family member's to see if the issue persist,


We'll keep an eye out for your replies.


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

Hi, Jeremy!
Three years laters since I started the topic, here I am, with the same issue. Believe me, ever since I started this very thread we are discussing in now, can you believe that in three years, my "New Releases" section shows only 90 new singles and albums since the day I posted this thread? Hard to believe that only 90 singles and albums came out since April 2018.
This happens to all my friends who are from Romania, at least. We all see the same albums.
Funny enough, I have a Tidal account and an Apple account as well. Why can other streaming services show new singles and albums every single day, but Spotify doesn't? I am tired of only having the "Release Radar" for new music discovery. That is a limited playlist that doesn't update me with new albums released worldwide. When can we expect a fully functional New Releases section? This is so annoying, honestly. It is a major reason for which I am really considering cancelling my Spotify account. The only thing I am hoping is that along with the new Hi-Fi Tier you announced to be released this year, this issue gets fixed or you release a new software update. Please, I would like to solve this mystery - and before you recommend a reinstall, trust me, it's not that.

Same here, more than three years have passed and the New Releases section (jazz) has not changed, despite I am using spotify in several different patforms/devices.
This is the only flaw I found in spotify, but t's a serious flaw, and I am so surprised that it has not been fixed so far.

Hi Jeremy, I confirm that I followed the steps but it does not work.
I don't think it is related to the apps as I see the same problem in the Jazz New Releases are definitely not "new" (except for a couple of items).

Totally agree. 😞 I love Spotify, this is my only issue with the service as well, but this is a big enough issue to be disappointing. Because I always have to look on other sources to find out what new music comes out, then go back to Spotify, search for those albums and listen to them. I should be able to see all the new releases in the dedicated section and not need to research it online or in Tidal / Apple.


Hey folks, 


Thanks for your messages.


We're sorry to hear that you're still experiencing this issue. We want to help you sort this out.


Would you mind sending over your device's make, model, OS version and the Spotify version you're currently running? 


It would also be helpful to know if you've tried any other troubleshooting steps recently, and which ones. We'll take a better look.


Keep us posted.

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Hi Novy,

I am glad that somebody is taking care of this annoying issue, many thanks for your help.

Here are the devices:

- Dell, Precision 3630 Tower, Windows 10 (latest version), Spotify app (latest)

- Huawei, Matebook X Pro, Windows 10 (latest), Spotify app (latest)

- Microsoft, Surface X Pro, Windows 10 for ARM (latest), through Edge

- Huawei, Mate 10 Pro, Android 10, Spotify app (latest)

My daughter has same problems with her devices (we have a family plan), but I think that the above is enough.

Thanks again for your help, I hope this problem will be solved soon.

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