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New Web Player Top Issues

New Web Player Top Issues

The new web player really is quite prohibitive and cumbersome to use.  Listening over a browser if often my only choice since my employer prohibits downloading the app on my work computer. It would be fine it you guys simply gave the player a design makeover but you have gotten rid of a lot of basic, common sense functionality and information. The most annoying parts for me personally are:

- when you're viewing an artists' page, the popular songs are listed but there is no other descriptive information about the track like when it was released or what album it's on.  

- same goes for albums, no year of release shown on artist page.

- It's also awful that now I have to click on the album itself to see a track list instead of having the option to show the detailed list always rather than the tiles you have hard-coded now.

- play queue.  When I'm checking out new releases, this is how I "discover" new music, by queueing up songs that sound interesting.  Your getting rid of this has made it so I can no longer use Spotify to discover new music, flat out.  I do not have the time to sit there and change every song to a new one as it finishes.  I do not understand why this feature was gotten rid of.  

- It sucks that I cannot "share" a song with a friend anymore.  You got rid of the entire social networking aspect of the web player. 


I think you guys are trying to force people to use the application but not all of us can do so and I am paying monthly for a premium account.  It has become really frustrating to use Spotify and you guys have real competitors now.  Time to step UP, not back.  

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