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New folders and playlists don't update in web player

New folders and playlists don't update in web player




Acer Chromebook

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I have been having many issues with the web player recently. One is that when I create a new playlist/folder, rename a playlist/folder, or add playlists to a folder, it will show up for one second then disappear, or not do anything at all, and in order to have it updated I have to reload the page. This makes organizing my music a very painful process. It worked just fine up until a few days ago.

I also had the issue of whenever I moved a folder above other folders or playlists in the sidebar, everything under it would move into that folder, and when I tried to move something out, everything would move into the folder I just tried to move out.

I used to like Spotify, but recently, it seems like everything is just failing me.

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Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here!     


It's possible that the cache and cookies on your device are causing the behavior you're describing. If that's the case, you might need to clear them. To test this, could you log in with a private/incognito browser and see of he issues come up there as well? If they don't, you can go ahead and clear the data.


If the issues persists, could you log in with a friend or family members account and share if they come up there as well? That way we can determine if the root cause of the problem lies with the device or account. We'd also appreciate a recording of what you see at your end. You can use the Insert Video option, just be sure to hide any private/sensitive info.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how it goes.  

Mihail Moderator
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