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New update May2018

New update May2018

After Rdio ran out of business, Spotify was the only thing that I can use to stream music because I HATED the Pandora format and SoundCloud did not always have the underground artists that I listen to. Spotify literally was the perfect home for me to expand my musical taste. But as of today, May 3, 2018, I am extremely frustrated, dissatisfied, and disappointed by the recent changes to the Spotify format. I am not able to listen to nor organize, the list of songs that I LOVE. This new update has literally ERASED all of my saved songs, with no practical way of retrieving them. Searching for the songs one by one is not feasible as most of the songs that I had were discovered and I cannot remember them. I had over 300 songs saved. As I am writing this I am realizing that Spotify has taken an ENORMOUS chunk of me away. Discarding it for personal gain.

I understand that Spotify is a business, but this new format is literally steering me to the repetitive and degrading mainstream artists I care nothing for. Spotify’s genres have always been set up to cater to certain artists. (But at least then I was still able to sort through and find music geared to my taste). 

Spotify, I am pleading that the Spotify team would find a more formidable approach, to give me and others like me their rights to music again. 

I refuse to go stream hunting again in order to find one Music-streaming platform that will have no autonomy over my choice in music.

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i have the exact same problem! like wt*?? apps theese days are just pissing in their own eye

I feel the complete same way and i had over 3000 songs saved and now they have all gone!

The exact same thing happened to me! I had over 3000 songs saved and they're just gone! Music is such a big part of me and so many others. Why ruin this? 

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