New web player is annoying me !!!!!

New web player is annoying me !!!!!

Spotify listen to me.................... I'm sick and tired of the update you did on the web player recently. It is so bugged I don't know where to begin with. I have to constantly refresh the page because it get stuck sometimes and it does not allow me to play music and it's so annoying. On several occasions I had to refresh the page like 6-7 times so that it gets fixes. Another thing is sometimes my music stops playing while im on another tab on safari, like it happened to me right now as I'm tying.... how cool.... I had to go back at the tab so that it continues. Adds are super annoying, although I had adblock installed on my browser.


You either are going to tell me an option how to reverse this update and stick to te old version of the web player or i'm gonna keep spmming those topics everyday until you fix it so everyone can see my annoyance.

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No need to post every day, I've explained the situation in your older topic here. 😉

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