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the 3ds is now 5 years old and it sold 60 million+ units. I would love to see a spotify app for the 3ds as it is a quite capable music player as many owners of the 3ds would know. The 3ds has a built in music app that you can use by putting music on an sd card from itunes and this is how I used to listen to music before spotify. The 3ds is able to play music with the screens closed for example and when you open the 3ds the screens turn on again and the app remains open as your phone does the same. A spotify app for 3ds would perhaps gather new customers and new premium subcriptions. Children who may own the 3ds and not know about spotify may be introduced to the service through the 3ds which definitely is great for marketing of the service. One last thing is that the 3ds is easy to develop for and I really hope it is considered for the 3ds.    😄



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As a proud owner of an original 3DS and a New 3DS XL, I support this idea, not having to plug my headphones into the school's PC's and launching Microsoft Edge just to listen to Spotify through that HORRIBLE web player, an app like that would certainly justify purchasing a Premium subscription for me, including all the benefits of using two screens to navigate Spotify instead of just a single one. I'll try to make a quick mockup of what the app could look like while playing music.


Although I'm a big supporter of this idea, it does have a couple of flaws with it. I'm from the 3DS Hacking Community, and if you try to make a music player, either the speakers don't have enough bass and treble range (especially for the original 3DS and 2DS, remember, if this were to reach Spotify, they want their product to work flawlessly on all systems) or it sounds fine, except for compression remnants. This won't annoy casual listeners, but it will definitely anger the passionate. This audience still has to be targeted by Spotify. Maybe it would work as a homebrew project, but I don't think people who use their 3DS, want to compromise it as much as someone using it as an RC Helicopter Controller, for Spotify. Just a thought, though. 


tl;dr: 3DS speakers aren't good on all systems, and couldn't work as a commercial product. Maybe a homebrew app?


That would be awesome!

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