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No Connection on Samsung TV

No Connection on Samsung TV

I am not able to log in at the Spotify App of my Samsung Smart TV. I type in the right username and password and wait and wait and nothing happens. If I type in the wrong password, I get a message. So what could be wrong?



6 Replies

I have the same issue:

  • starting Friday 2015/03/20 afternoon
  • device: Samsung Smart-TV (H6270 SSX)
  • Spotify Premium-Account
  • The Spotify app displays the first "busy" logo, switches to the fullscreen Spotify logo and simply stops.
  • Not responsive, no second "busy" logo as usual. Only way out is to switch off the TV.

I contacted the German Spotify support on 2015/03/21 but so far no response/reaction.


Any help would be appreciated!

So we don't have the same issue. Maybe you should start a new topic?

Apologies for complicating the situation.

I'm off to a new topic.



Hey @kiraoh thanks for reaching out to us via the Spotify Community. 


Are you still having this issue with your account? Could you let us know the exact message you're getting when you try to login? Thanks!

I don't get a message. I just try to log in and nothing happens.

I am having the same problem--it was working last week but not any more.  Just get big logo on left on screen with no reponse.  Not sure if problem is with spotify or Samsung

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