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No Discover Weekly since I subscribed 5 months ago

No Discover Weekly since I subscribed 5 months ago

I became a premium user when Spotify launched in India around 5 months ago. However, I'm yet to receive a single Discover Weekly playlist so far!

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Hi there @mkalia19,

thanks for posting !


Please keep in mind that if you listen on "Private Mode," Spotify may ignore your listening, thus not having anything to suggest for your weekly discovery.


I also suggest you unfollow your Discover weekly playlist and then follow it again.


Hope this helps 🙂



Since subscribing, i haven't used private listening even once. Furthermore, Discover Weekly has never been shown for me. As a result, I've never been able to 'follow' it in the first place. Kindly suggest as the Discover Weekly playlist was one of my primary motivators for subscribing to Spotify.

Hi @mkalia19,

thanks for the update.


Do you have any indication if any of your friends/family memebers or other Spotify users around you are seeing the feature ?


What happends when you use the web player? can you see it there ?


Thanks 🙂

Don't know any other Spotify users. Can't see the Discover Weekly in the web player either.

Hi @mkalia19,

thanks for your patience !


If you're still not seeing part of the features please check out this official Spotify answer that would clear things out.


Hope sheds some light 🙂

How is this supposed to help, @OnebyBoo?

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