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No Metallica, Rammstein or AC/DC?


No Metallica, Rammstein or AC/DC?

I think it's a little bit disappointing seeing there's little to no songs by Metallica, Rammstein and AC/DC.


I could possibly find a bunch more artists that aren't on spotity. But how come we don't have access to the music by these artists? I'm a premium user, and would like to get the most out of my money - because Spotify is indeed a very nice application.


I hope these artists can become a part of spotify music collection.


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Missing albums might come later, see this Spiegel article:


By the way, Rammstein already #1 on the current Top Artists charts on overtaking Pink Floyd with their new album:


You have to enable the "Popular Right Now" Labs feature to see this, might only work for subscribers though:

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Not every album or song is available on Spotify. Some artists and music labels choose not to release to Spotify.


AC/DC and Metallica are some of those artists.


The only thing Spotify does is upload the music that is sent to them. You can find out why some songs/artists are not on Spotify over here.


Some music labels only release to certain countries while blocking the release from the rest.

It's all about who owns the rights to the music and where they want it released to.

Music would be better if labels didn't block their releases from certain countries, but sadly this is how the music business works.

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I think that no Metallica in Spotify is positive suprise... and for me big plus.

Maybe because all of those bands are **bleep**.

Go listen to Justin B. Then you **bleep**. Metallica is real music

If someone adds them in a playlist, you can play it if you have those songs on your computer. Buy the album, then you can play these songs in playlists on spotify. (This is why they do this, they think they would get more from album sales than they would from spotify) Although it isn't "free music", Metallica are renowned for disagreeing with the digital age (Napster...)

How can the community founder say it is a plus that a band which is liked by thousands of people is not available on spotify??? Sorry i dont get it.
I'm also spotify premium member and it hurts me big time that i cant find a single Rammstein song on Spotify (I'm german).
I know its the label stuff, but please for all you can do, try to convince Rammstein to get aboard on spotify.... Probably the most well known german band and its not there..

And lol "Thats because its beep" Yeah you are sooo right it would be way better if just the music YOU like would be on spotify, right? You make me sad, kiwf

I'm not working for Spotify.


My opinion is not opinion by Spotify.


The reason why I HATE METALLICA SO MUCH, this (metallica) is OVERPLAYED in Finnish local rock radio called Radio Rock. Every hour this **bleep** is unacceptable.


They, Radio Rock, even played this Metallica !"#¤ 24 hours nonstop when Metallica was at concert in Finland.


After Spotify Premium I'm not listening radio at all.


So thank you radio, I hate Metallica for years now.

Also no Fank Zappa or early Black Sabbath...

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Metallica is now available !!


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@PeterMuc wrote:

Metallica is now available !!

No thanks.


However I like Enter Sandman.

Oh sorry, I mean Nothing Else Matters is good too, others is not I would listen. So I just skip others.


Good that Metallica is here, maybe soon Rammstein?


@Betreff: A


No. Not yet it isnt. It's coming soon.

Getting metallica is quite an achievement. They where in the front against piracy, but at last they have found out that they can earn from participating on spotify. Good! Not my favourit artist though, but I like nothing else matter, and have found some nice covers of it.



I really like this cover to, something a bit different! 


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Seems like everyone likes "Nothing else matters", even the haters. 😛


Master of Puppets! \m/

Wow, I checked Metallica the other day and there was nothing. I'm glad I saw this topic. Too late to listen right now though.

Just watched the 2012 Press Conference of Spotify.

It's kinda funny to see how Lars Ulrich and Sean Parker seem to be "buddies" now after that thing with Napster in 1999/2000.

You can also see the new discover function in detail - quite interesting.

The majority of the issues with metallica and the anti-piracy movement was their label, Elektra.


They were pawns/scapegoats for Elektras greater cause. Metallica jumped Elektra's ship and no sooner than they did, they dropped the prices on their catalogue, dropped their concert ticket prices, released their Blu-ray concert DVD for $15.98 (metallica fans will understand this), removed all surcharges for their Orion Music Festival, and finally added all their music to Spotify.


I am certain that anyone involved in the industry (and Sean parker is no exception) is aware of the problems metallica had with their label. Did you ever notice how most of the artists associated wtih Elektra voiced their dissatisfaction with MP3 sharing?


Metallica for ever!

i'm an audiophile, thats about it

Any update on AC/DC or Rammstein?

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