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No Sound on Samsung Smart TV Soundbar

No Sound on Samsung Smart TV Soundbar




United Kingdom


Samsung Galaxy S21+ / Samsung Smart TV UE49M6300 / Samsung Soundbar JW-H250


My Question or Issue

Spotify deactivates all the sound for my Smart TV (including UI sounds, such as bringing up the Smart TV home menu) and refuses to play through my soundbar which is connected via bluetooth. The song is clearly playing, and will play through my TV Speakers, but not my soundbar. Apparently this has been an issue since 2016, so how has it not been fixed yet?

Instead there are a lot of workarounds, all of which I have tried and all of which do not work, as follows:

  1. Changing audio output format to and from PCM/Bitstream/Dolby Digital. All do not work.
  2. Holding down the Return button the remote to restart all the TV apps, then opening Spotify again. Does not work.
  3. Signing into Spotify via the TV app, not through another device (i.e. my phone). Does not work.
  4. Re-engaging the sound by playing a video on netflix or youtube, and then switching back to Spotify. Does not work.
  5. Switching to OpticalOut/TV Speakers then back to the Soundbar, while the song is playing. Doesn't work. Only TVSpeakers releases any sound.

I am pretty sure that the issue lies with Spotify, as this does not happen with any other app on my Smart TV (Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, TVPlus)


So, it's been 6 years. Anyone else got more workarounds to try, or shall I throw my TV out the window into the street? Not that Spotify would care, they didn't pay for my TV lol.


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