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No Spotify Running for Windows Phone?

No Spotify Running for Windows Phone?

Here we go again... Last Spotify app update in Windows Phone Store: 26.02.2015
Spotify Running page: Coming Soon. The most entertaining Spotify ever for iPhone and Android.

Seriously? ;-;
I want to get Spotify Premium but Spotify app for Windows Phone is like 1 year behind Android and iOs and I don't like paying full price for half (or less) product.
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That's Spotify to ya. They're screwing over Windows Phone customers from the beginning (or, well.. from a few years after the beginning because at first there wasn't even an app). We're still behind and like you I wish to see that changed as well

I'm disapointed too. i'm a premium client and I want all the perks the app has to offer, but unfortunetly, because I don't have an iPhone or an Android phone, I can't.

So, Spotify, please release a new update so Windows Phone users can use the Running Mode.

=( I have premium, but feel cheated that only my choose of O.S. makes me a 2nd category citizen. 

It´s been 5 months since the last reply and still no Running, had to post to keep this alive. Get that Running running Spotify!

so sick of developers just not giving **bleep**, about an entire platform. I feel like I'm being forced to buy a device that I don't like just so I can get my apps updated

Must be a way for emulate android app on windows

in december de runing feature  disapeared from all my  apple devices. Who can help 


Running is moved to the catogorie " bladeren".

it is à bit bidden. Nut i found is.



Seriously, you can litterally port your entire code base from iOS to Windows 10 (and by extention Windows 10 Mobile). It takes 10 minutes.

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