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No Spotify on Galaxy Store - Samsung Gear S2 Classic Watch


No Spotify on Galaxy Store - Samsung Gear S2 Classic Watch






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I am unable to install Spotify on my watch, it s not available on the Galaxy Store in the UK. I have also searched on the watch and unable to find it. 



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Hey all,


Thanks for getting in touch.


The Gear S2 us no longer supported. See the article here.


If you have a newer Galaxy Watch and can't find Spotify in Galaxy Store, head over here where we are trying to solve the issue.


We will be blocking replies to thread topic for now.


Have a nice day.

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Have you received a response yet? I don't have it either 

I am afraid not i have emailed spotify and they have advised they are aware of the issue.

Hi there, We were experiencing an issue with the app not showing up in the Galaxy store. The issue should be resolved however. Make sure to keep your OS and the Spotify app up-to-date and the app should be back in the galaxy store. Hope it is! Let us know if it's not or if you have further questions. Have a nice day.

I am unable to find the spotify app in the Galaxy Store

The app is not available in the galaxy store 

Becasue, spotify only supports models since s3 gear.... 

Not true my wife has it on her S2

Hey there folks, 


Apologies for the confusion!


Unfortunately, the Spotify app isn't available in the Galaxy Store for Gear S2 devices. You can find more info about using Spotify on your Samsung wearables here.


Hope this helps clarify things! We'll be right here if there's anything else we can help with 🙂

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For weeks (even months) Spotify promises a solution to the problem. Then Spotify's solution to turns out to be to simply remove S2 from the list of supported devices?! In what sense is this a solution?! The app was provided but was then removed for no apparent reason. At the very least provide a workaround to use the old app, please!

Gear S2 was sold with the inclusion of Spotify support so now this has been removed which will mean devcie is not "fit for purpose" so refunds should be provided. Can you please provide "Official" announcement of the removal from the Gear S2 so we can proceed with the refund process.

I came across a workaround for the problem, all you have to do is installing a VPN app like "TunnelBear" or "Hola VPN" and :


Turn off the phone

Remove your simcard

Turn it back on again

Clear cache/data of "Galaxy Store" app.

Launch the VPN app and connect on a US server using WIFI.


Once you open "Galaxy Store" you can find the Spotify app again.


Hope that will help 🙂 cheers.

Thansk for the tip but this does not work for S2.

not working for gear s2

put the spotify app for S2 GEAR, god dammit

how can they publish it back for S2, since the App existed there in the store before?


I own a Gear S2. Had to uninstall since the app became weird (asking authentication almost everyday and stop working offline).


After uninstall I could not get it installed again!

Hey folks,


This is just to confirm that Spotify is no longer supported on the Gear S2, and the support article has been updated to reflect this official information accordingly (see here).


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

fvck u, coksucker

Put again Spotify for s2 gear😠

Thank s for not supporting Spotify on Samsung Gear S2 anymore.

Please deduct an amount of 199 EUR from my next due payments for my Spotify subscription, as I will have to buy a new smartwatch which is compatible.


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