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No ads in Spotify Premium claim


No ads in Spotify Premium claim

If major record labels are paying Spotify to insert their tracks into this ghastly new playlist recommendations feature, how exactly isn't this advertising? I'm paying a premium subscription on the premise that I won't be served intrusive ads, this latest cretinous A/B test flouts that key expectation from your service.


Adele, One Republic and Shawn Mendes have absolutely nothing to do with the tracks in my playlists or for that matter my listening habits, however all 3 acts have mediocre album tracks out that their labels are splashing out on PAYOLA to get them into charts around the globe...


Please end this A/B test immediately or remove the 'no ads in Spotify Premium' claims from your promotional literature, thanks.


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I'm sorry to be the that-is-not-my-experience-guy but, that is not my experience. If I get Recommended Songs they are always related to the content of the playlist.


Care to back up your claim of the artists you list being unrelated to the content of the playlist with some facts? Not that anyone here can really do anything but agree or disagree with your findings. A mail to the support might be a better option.

Since you've clearly failed to comprehend the OP, I'm afraid your antagonistic response has zero credibility. I guess all the people who've been having problems logging onto Spotify in the last 24 hours were imagining it, because that's 'not your experience'. Let's be clear, your personal 'experiences' aren't the Holy Grail. 😕

A playlist of 8 minute underground and independent dance tracks should not be served recommendations for Adele, One Republic or Shawn Mendes. Nothing against those acts, but I don't listen to any middle-of-the-road (MOR) pop. There’s no evidence that my account (**touch wood**) has been hacked either. I assume this is merely a case of the algorithm, which inserts the major label plants, was foxed by my admittedly obtuse musical tastes. Numerous other people have complained about this in other threads, so I’m far from alone!

The point is if major labels are paying Spotify, and several record label executives have admitted the practice is now rampant, to have their tracks inserted into these playlist recommendations, this is effectively advertising! Whether they’re actually relevant to your playlist(s), or not, is a moot point.

Users should, at the very least, have the option to turn off these intrusive, ugly and unsolicited playlist recommendations, or preferably Spotify should stop chasing PAYOLA and concentrate on delivering a reasonable service to their paying customers starting with restoring the notifications bell!

PS Ctrl + A just selects the 6 recommendations on some playlists, which when you’ve got 100s of songs above is a nightmare!

Woah dude, not everyone is against you, not even on the internet.


But if numerious other people have complained, what makes your complainet so very important that it warrants a new thread? Without anything to backup your claims or any facts, it just comes off as whining. Which doesn't help anyone and only clutters the forum.


Why not reply to the more active threads instead and have a discussion with people who are experiencing the same problem. And as I said, try the support mail, that's the proper way to get in contact with Spotify.


That's it, I'm done. Hope your issues are solved...

Let’s be clear ‘blubbo’, you have no official association with Spotify, and categorically don’t speak on behalf of anyone else in this community, other than yourself. You’re quite right, ‘not everyone on the internet is out to get me’ [sic], because you amount to the sum total of one troll in a ‘help forum’ of all places.

I don’t recognize your two posts as having any constructive or even helpful content; neither contains any reference to the thread title. As such I don’t see why I should submit to childish loaded off-topic questioning and straw man arguments with the subtlety of Donald TRUMP, the logic of Donald RUMSFELD and all of the wit of Donald DUCK.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the ‘help forum’ etiquette of starting a new thread, after using the search function to ascertain it doesn’t already exist, which is frankly more than can be said about your unwelcome attempts to derail this thread.

I trust you’re true to your word, that you are indeed ‘done’ here, that would be most appreciated!

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