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No connection with 5 bars of LTE

No connection with 5 bars of LTE

I have a iPhone 6s and use T-Mobile. I have 5 bars of LTE but no WiFi, Spotify won't play any music and is "connecting". As soon as WiFi is turned back on, it plays normally. This is the first time this has happened. I have logged out and redownloaded the app, but nothing so far has worked.
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Hi @odessathompson! Thanks for writing on the Community.


Can you let us know which operating system and Spotify version you're using on your device? Did this started happening after a specific update or event?


We'll see what we can suggest. 

I am using iOS 10.2 and Spotify version 6.8.0. but these had all been updated for at least a couple of weeks. This problem/glitch started happening out of nowhere. It was working fine an hour before, I turned off my phone, and that's when it started happening.

Thanks for the info @odessathompson!


Just confirm, are you having problems with any other app? You can try restarting your device by holding Home + Lock for 10 seconds. Does that help?


Keep us posted. We'll see what else to suggest.

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