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No email received for my ONKYO registration (password)

No email received for my ONKYO registration (password)

I've tried to register my Onkyo

I can not get the email : a message said it was send

How to get the link to choose the password ?



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Hi HADES59- Have you also had a look in your SPAM filter? Sometimes our emails can get lost in there. 


I should also note that in order to use Onkyo you will need a Premium subscription. Right now your account is just on our free service. You can make that upgrade quite easily via your subscription page

I have the same problem, although i have a premium account.

I don't get an email, my spam is allready checked, the email is whitlisted in spam.

What can i do now, i wanna use my mobile and tablet with the Onkyo Remote App

Hi Rade - Have you received that email yet? It can sometimes take up 48 hours for that link to reach you. 

i have the same problem as them because i dont whant to have to use facebook account but iv waited 3day+ for this email 

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