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No info on artists revenue for customers ?

No info on artists revenue for customers ?


Hi there, using Spotify Premium in France on my Mac Desktop and Huawei Mate 20 mobile device. I may be wrong, but I didn't find any infrmation shared by Spotify with its customers explaining even the basics of how Spotify calculates / shares revenue with Artists ? How do my use of the service impact the level of remuneration of the Artists I listen to ? Is there a minimum threshold of Plays an artist in catalogue must reach before seeing any money in their bank account ? Are artists paid directly, or are catalogue owners (contratcing Artists) receiving revenue generated on Spotify ? Is tehre anywhere on the website, app, or any area of the community forum where plain, transparent information can be read about how customers money transforms into artist revenue through Spotify ? Thank you and sorry if I missed any previous topic /appriate section for this question -but  I haven't found/seen any. Cheers to whoever reads this and can help. Thanks, Laurent



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