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No longer able to repeat 1 song


No longer able to repeat 1 song

Up until this newest update I could press repeat once to put the whole playlist on repeat, then again to repeat just that one song, and a third click would turn off repeat. Now it only goes between repeat all and turning repeat off. It's the same on both firefox and chrome.


I don't know whether this is a bug or if it's been intentionally disabled, but either way it's absolutely infuriating.

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I don't understand a thing, from that of some of you write seems that the function is completely lost, in my case the function is not lost but I have to set everytime the loop to one song.

For me, i lost the functionality totally back in January but got it back a few weeks later. No idea how or why. Just stopped working one day and started again on another. 

HELLLLOOO spotify? anyone at their desks? why is this still a thing. fix it!

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The problem is solved. It's working fine, at least with me.

Oh sweet jesus, it's back. ❤️

The functionality is gone again.... Why??

We want to be able to repeat 1 song!

@Spotify: when is it fixed?

Spotify fix this, there are other avenues of listening to music and without this feature I will be exploring them extensively.

 dont work

I switched to Deezer because of this.

Is this solved? Otherwise can make a playlist with same song 10 times but when you're all into a song a just want to hear it over and over and over and over until it's in your bloodstream... It sort of stifles the creative process. Come on, Spotify.  You guys know music, we know what we want. Just do it like Nike does for us. 

The 'repeat 1 song' feature works on my Iphone again.....

@Spotify: can you please guard that it stays that way in future upgrades?

Not working for me. 

Isn't it working on an Apple IPhone? Which SW version are you using?

I'm on iPhone 7plus, OS 10.3.3, Spotify

Maybe I'll have to wait until its "safe" to upgrade to OS 11. Not ready to
take that risk just yet though 🙂

New update? More like, another reason for Spotify to make money 😕 ADD REPEAT 1 BACK!!!

I'm simply wondering what could be the potential rationale to remove this feature?

What makes its lack better or simpler?

Basically this kicks away all users who:

* are loved-in in one song

* want e.g. train singing or guitar or whatever other instruments

And if the Spotify product team has time to spend on remival of this kind of features then I guess that they have somehow no further ideas for the product improvement.

Hopefully someone takes seriously customer feedback.



Got update yesterday.

Still don't able to repeat one song.

I lost all hope they would fix it. I think they removed it on purpose.

"It's not a bug it's feature"

Removed it on purpose? Why should Spotify dot that?

And, it's works - again - with me on my Iphone.

For some reason they prefer people paying them directly as apposed to being paid by advertisers, if you pay attention to the ads about half of them are by them. They are losing advertisers and are trying to presure individuals into a rental service.

I have the paid monthly service and it does not work, so it' not to do with advertising, etc. but may be the software not being compatible with Android, as it is allegedly working with an Iphone. If this is the case, that they are not Droids and Iphoners only, they just lost me as a customer. This is just bad business. The repeat feautre not working, somthing so simple and inherit to a music replay/mixing service is a red flag that they're not getting it right, and  I'm sure there's another guy out there that is... probably for cheaper.... anyone know of/have experience with competitors or other services like Spotify that they can reccomend or review for us? Thanks. 


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