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No longer able to repeat 1 song


No longer able to repeat 1 song

Up until this newest update I could press repeat once to put the whole playlist on repeat, then again to repeat just that one song, and a third click would turn off repeat. Now it only goes between repeat all and turning repeat off. It's the same on both firefox and chrome.


I don't know whether this is a bug or if it's been intentionally disabled, but either way it's absolutely infuriating.

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@erikcombiner wrote:

@MadLove wrote:

Why is this problem marked as "solved" ? it's still there!

also can anyone explain to me how I have this problem too? when I didn't update my spotify at all?

how do I fix this?

Did you receive an answer of Spotify?

No, and I still can't repeat one song.

what's really baffling to me is that I have stopped updating my Spotify for a long time now, yet I can't be safe from these kind of updates/removing important features?!

I’m up to date on iOS and my repeat button is back

Yep. Same here.

Repeat of one song works fine when listening directly on a device, phone, iPad etc.  Single Song Repeat does NOT work when streaming or bluetoothing the song to speakers or another device.  The fact repeat works when playing directly on a device but does not work when bluetoothing the song shows that it is a purposeful decision by Spotify to not allow this feature.  The lack of this feature greatly denegrates the UI and listening experience, as others have pointed out.      

Solved - In less time than it took to write these comments, I subscribed to Amazon Music, had the same playlists up and running as on Spotify, cancelled Spotify Premium, and single song repeat is jamming on bluetooth to my home entertainment system.  

Hey - this is an issue I’m experiencing now. I’m not able to loop one track (which is totally how I get into my work zone). Please help! 🙏

Interesting. At first I thought this was related to my Echo device, which I’ve had for two weeks now without this issue. However, tonight I realized the single track loop works when connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth but not streaming/WiFi connected. I hate using Bluetooth bc it drains my battery. I’ve been with Spotify for 5 years now I think... I don’t want to leave, but this is a major deal breaker for me. Staying tuned for Spotify’s solution.

Just in case anyones still wondering,


On Android to repeat just one song you have to add it to a playlist then tap the loop button twice so that a 1 appears.


Otherwise if you try to do this on an album song it will repeat the album for some reason.

Unless Spotify changed this since the original post, this only works when looping a song on your local device.  This still does not work when blutoothing a song to speakers.  This was never the issue, the issue remains that Spotify control when you can perform a SSR - Single Song Repeat. 

This is disappointing. Why can't I just play one song?

Interesting. I have the opposite problem. With my Alexa device, I have to ask for her to connect to my phone (via Bluetooth), THEN I am allowed to loop one track in a playlist. If it's connected to my Alexa device via a shared internet/WiFi connection, there is not an ability to loop one track. 

I dislike relying on a Bluetooth connections because it drains my phone's battery, and means music interruptions when someone calls, or if I decide to watch a video on my phone. It keeps me tied to the location of my Alexa device just to hear a video, or is a complete PANIC when the music I loop transitions to a sudden, LOUD ringtone of someone calling me.

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