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No sound through Heos and Spotify Connect


No sound through Heos and Spotify Connect

Right, I've been having a big problem with my Denon Heos 1 speaker and Spotify Connect.


Initially, my Heos speaker was connected to my wifi, and I could find it on Spotify Connect, then I would go through the process to play through the speaker, but no sound would come out the speaker. The track would progress along the timeline as normal, but it was as if I had muted it (I hadn't on Spotify or my speaker). However, when I pressed pause, the track timeline would reset to the beginning of the track. Further, the Heos app couldn't find the speaker.

I contacted Denon, and they have provided numerous solutions, I have since managed to connect to the speaker through the app. I can play music through any service: Deezer, Tunein Radio etc. However, I still cannot play using Spotify. The only difference now is that when I pause, the track timeline pauses as it should. There is still no music being played.


I have soft and hard resetted the Heos speaker, changed network settings etc., and it appears the problem with the speaker is solved. I am using a Macbook Air and iPhone 6 on the latest OS. I have uninstalled the Spotify app on both, restarted both devices, reinstalled the Spotify app, then restarted both devices again, logged into Spotify on both, and the problem still remains. Yet I can still play music using any other service.


I have recently gone from Spotify student premium to Spotify family, so I have premium, but that's the only thing that has changed, I'm not sure how this could have affected it.


I have restarted my router (BT Homehub 5), I have checked all the settings for it, turned off and on again the UPnP settings.


Anyone have any solutions before go insane from a lack of music in my life?

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Okay chaps, two possible solutions here from email contact with Spotify:



You can only play Spotify on compatible Denon devices. You can check it here.

You can also set a device password for your account. Since you created your account directly with Facebook and your device doesn’t accept your Facebook credentials to log in, you’ll need to set a device password and log in with that.

This is possible to do within Facebook:
Head to Facebook Settings.
Select Security.
Select App Passwords.
Click Generate App Password.
Enter your current Facebook password and click Submit.
Enter Spotify, and Facebook will automatically generate a password for you. You can use this with your Facebook email address to log in to Spotify on any device.
If your device is compatible, and still having the same issue. Have a family member log in their account using your device. If they have the same issue, you'll need to contact the manufacturer.



This solution didn't work for me but it may help others. The following solution has got my system working at the minute, but I'm not holding my breath!



Thanks for getting back to us with those details. We appreciate your patience on this issue. We'll figure this out.

Looking at your account from our end, we can see that something occurred with the offline files on your devices. It seems that your devices weren’t properly synced.

Don't worry, if you follow this link you can reset your offline devices. Then you'll need to perform a quick reinstall of Spotify with these steps. This will clear any unnecessary connections between your phone and your Spotify account.



Makes sense, I had three iPhones on my offline devices, so I removed them all and started again.


Hope some of this helps at least!

Hello tgbrock,

thanks for the post, but thats a typical random answer. Doesn't help.

Hello support/community,

I tested yesterday again. Restarted router/HEOS Soundbar. Always the same acting through spotify connect. I'm able -like always- without problems to connect to the speaker group. However the song play by itself without pressing the play button and the statusbar in Spotify is going crazy when I turn the volume up/down - anyways, I can't hear anything till i switch to phone speakers. So again, it's not a hardware issue. I face this issue also on a another smartphone with the same Spotify account on a different android base. Two weeks ago there was no single problem. All other playback sources are working fine except Spotify.

I expect feedback from the support/engineer in this topic.


Same problem here. Always worked fine untill 1 or 2 weeks ago. 

I couldn't find a problem in my system either and luckily found this topic.

I was hoping it would be fixed by now.


Heos 1 and 3 speakers work with all other sources except Spotiy.


I'm going to wait for a little longer and if it doesn't get fixed soon get an alternative for Spotify. Any good suggestions?



I'm having the same problem as you guys. I work at a telecom company and I can assure you its not the router/wifi. This all started a few weeks ago, Spotify plays for a couple of minutes, then stops. 

If i unplug the power chord its okey again for a couple of minutes, then suddently its stops again.

However, it's working for me now again on both android devices/speakers. Didn't change anything. Let's see if they fixed something or for how long it'll work.


I went back to the store where I purchase my HEOS and spoke with them about this issue.
They was aware of this issue but they told me that this wasn't really noting they could help me with but its more of a Spotify issue.
Perhaps not the answer wanted but I do understand them.

Anyhow, They did give me one tip.
HEOS had launched a huge update recently and some customers got helped by connecting there speakers to a phone via 3,5mm aux and reconfigure the speakers.
That "huge" update was already installed during my first setup.
But I tried to connect to the 3,5mm aux, and It worked!
For about 1/4 song....

To clarify my earlier post.
Spotify Connect DO play on my HEOS 7 on the 2,4GHz WiFi. But not on my 5GHz WiFi.
This might be a "quick fix" for some of you who isn't completely surrounded by neighbours with 2,4GHz routers.

Perhaps Spotify Connect just loose the signal to the speaker or the connection get timed out when streaming higher quality.

The latest firmware update on the Heos systems was a major update of the Spotify service. Sadly it meant that some defects in the playback stack and was introduced and which have lead to not being able to initiate playback, or stuttering/stopping of the playback. Both Denon and Spotify engineers are working hard on resolving this as we speak.

Thanks for your info. Glad to here that the problem was found and that it will be solved!

Dear jokkon,

thanks a lot for your letter.

I am very glad that your engineers have identified the problem and that
all of you are working hard on it. I hope that really the issue of
cooperation Spotify-Heos we will mark as "Solved" very soon!

Best regards,

Paweł Lula

Dear Jokkon/Spotify,
The Spotify service have effectively been down for several weeks for all Spotify premium customers that rely on SpotifyConnect and Heos to play music in our homes.
You've been aware of the issue for over three weeks without ensuring that your paying customers are at least made aware, and spared from time consuming pointless and frustrating trouble shooting.,
i spent a lot of time searching the web for information before coming across the comment you made three weeks ago, in the form of a reply in this community thread.
This hardly qualifies as premium customer care.
My mobile, broadband and elektriciity service providers all publish and maintain easy to find status and progress information regarding known service disruptions. As a prayimg customer I expect the same from my music service provider.
Best / Martin


Jokken, thank you for your update. I supose that spotify wil send us a update to keep us informed About this issue when and how it will be solved. We all are paying a lot of money to enjoy spotify and the heos system.

Feedback to Spotify:
wolud it be possible to post known software issues on Spotify's homepage.

Hi Martin,


Sorry for not having a solution quicker, we are working as hard as we can. Sadly we weren't aware of the firmware update that Heos had released when we initially tried to reproduce the defects. As Spotify Connect as a service not could be shown to be down (for any of our partner integrations), we could not give any type of statement regarding that either. As I am trying to resolve this from an engineering persective, I should probably not discuss this at all - but let our customer support personel do that. Oh well, this was the quickest way.

If you have any ideas how you would want Spotify to communicate service outages or broken behavior (which very seldom exceeds minutes), please post an idea here: New Ideas


It might be, however this is a Denon related issue - not a Spotify Connect related. However we are working together with Denon to make sure this will have less of a risk happening again!

Is there a chance that this will be solved in the near future? It's impossible to listen to music this way. After 4-5 tracks the sound is gone. Some times, if you are lucky, you can get the sound back by launching a new track, but mostly I have to restart the speakers to get the sound back. And then I can listen to 4 more tracks and then restart the speakers. Not much of a party... I've tried to contact Denon through the app but no answer. Have you a better way of contacting them?

Why does this post say "Solved"? Because its certinly not solved... 


Well. Perhaps there isn't much more to say in this thread. Denon made an update that Spotify haven't been able to get their software to run smoothly on.

Meanwhile have I starte a new playlist on spoitfy that I will play on my HEOS when Spotify is back on track.
"Spotify connect and HEOS by Denon"

"I still haven't found what I'm looking for - Spotify Support" or "Don't stop believing - Spotify Connect "

According to the Swedish Denon support they will have a solution ready next week.
Do we believe that?

Did the Swedish support mention what kind of solution? A firmware update?

No - just that they were working hard and a solution would be available next week

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