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No sound through Heos and Spotify Connect


No sound through Heos and Spotify Connect

Right, I've been having a big problem with my Denon Heos 1 speaker and Spotify Connect.


Initially, my Heos speaker was connected to my wifi, and I could find it on Spotify Connect, then I would go through the process to play through the speaker, but no sound would come out the speaker. The track would progress along the timeline as normal, but it was as if I had muted it (I hadn't on Spotify or my speaker). However, when I pressed pause, the track timeline would reset to the beginning of the track. Further, the Heos app couldn't find the speaker.

I contacted Denon, and they have provided numerous solutions, I have since managed to connect to the speaker through the app. I can play music through any service: Deezer, Tunein Radio etc. However, I still cannot play using Spotify. The only difference now is that when I pause, the track timeline pauses as it should. There is still no music being played.


I have soft and hard resetted the Heos speaker, changed network settings etc., and it appears the problem with the speaker is solved. I am using a Macbook Air and iPhone 6 on the latest OS. I have uninstalled the Spotify app on both, restarted both devices, reinstalled the Spotify app, then restarted both devices again, logged into Spotify on both, and the problem still remains. Yet I can still play music using any other service.


I have recently gone from Spotify student premium to Spotify family, so I have premium, but that's the only thing that has changed, I'm not sure how this could have affected it.


I have restarted my router (BT Homehub 5), I have checked all the settings for it, turned off and on again the UPnP settings.


Anyone have any solutions before go insane from a lack of music in my life?

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No I'm not happy. The problem is not solved. OK, I can listen longer but eventually the sound through the speakers disappear and I have to restart the speakers to get the sound back. Totally annoying and disappointing as this was supposed to be a solution.

I also had to restart once after the update. I also noticed 2 more issues after the update:

  1. several times the Heos app lost contact with the speakers, though the wifi was working well with all devices/apps
  2. in many cases when a spotify song was playing and I clicked on a new one, it could take up to 10-15 seconds before the Heos switched to the new song.

Issues 1 & 2 are new for me, after the upgrade.


It seems like yiu still have work to do.


I am using an iPad with iOS 10

I have now updated my Heos AMP to 1.373.100, but sometimes I still have the same problem, when streaming music with Spotify Connect .. This problem can happen suddenly while using spotify. If I then turn off the power for my Heos AMP, and afterward turn it on again, it's working again for a while – but the problem will suddenly come   again.


Please let me know, if others experience the same problem?  

I have four HEOS-1 that I'm now close to replacing. We also have Spotify Connect as the source for 90% of our music. We're having the same problems as all others, dropouts and weirdness that is only solved by rebooting the speakers. This takes all the joy out of listening, as I'm sitting there just waiting for the next dropout.


What I would really like to know is if it's possible to downgrade the HEOS firmware?


1.337.100 - bad

1.349.101 - pretty flawless

1.364.110 - really bad

1.373.100 - bad


So how to downgrade to 1.349.101?

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to downgrade HEOS firmware.
When a new firmware is released, it's impossible to play music without
upgrading first.
If you make a complete factory reset (power cycle while holding the reset
button) the HEOS player must be upgraded prior to use.

I did all the upgraded FW including the newest one. My solution is this, I set up 5 of the Heos 5 in the order of LF, CNTR, LR, RL,RR. Now, if the one being playing stops reproducing the sound, I then will tap the " Devices Available " and tap on the next Heos 5 and so on...Heck the $3,000.00 wireless speaker from Devialet Phantom with 3000 watts is a mixed bag with some similar connectivity issue. So, I stop complaining about the $200 Denon Heos5.  Wireless on WIFI speakers have along way to go to perfection. I am looking for Bluetooth 4.0 wireless speakers from now on.

I doubt WiFi is a part of this problem and that Bluetooth should be a more
reliable way of communicating.
My three HEOS units works perfect all days long while playing from my NAS
or from TuneIn. It is only the Spotify integration that causes trouble.
With Bluetooth, the whole music stream goes through the phone, consuming
phone battery and music will probably stop every time phone is brought out
of the limited coverage area of Bluetooth.
I hope Denon and Spotify realize how much annoyance this causes a lot of
users and prioritizes resources to fix it quicky!

Update! It's not working anymore, it appears when I use my laptop to control Spotify, that's when the problems begin to occur.


This is getting really annoying now 😩

Last week i bought the heos soundbar and it all worked flawlessly untill 3 days ago.

The heos works perfectly with every other app except spotify.

I've been a premium spotify member for atleast 2,5 years, so is my family...

I am seriously considering changing to any other premium soundapp that supports heos if its not fixed in the next spotify update, since i see here that the problem is been going on for months...

I do not know if it helps, but few days ago I disabled the "automatic play" setting from the TV-input, and since then everything works just flawlessly, both Spotify, Radio and TV.

The only possible drawback, depending on how you use the system, is that when turning on TV you need to switch to TV-input via the Heos app, but that's perfectly OK for me.

Got answer from Denon to my report that firmware 1.373.100 did not solved the problem.

" It would appear that some people are experiencing Spotify issues after the update still.  We are investigating, it would seem that the update has fixed the issue for some people but not all. "


They wanted me to reset the speaker that use to hang (the one I use to have as master)...again....


I did a complete reset and restart of EVERYTHING.

- uninstalled HEOS and Spotify app

- restarted phone

- power cycle factory reset of all my three HEOS units

- reinstalled, updated and configured phone and HEOS players

Firt evening I was able to play Spotify >3h and then I had to stop for sleep.

Today it worked for ~45 minutes and then hanged again, all HEOS players flashed purple and I was not able to restart Spotify (maybe a power cycle will help...)

Reported to Denon, waiting for answer.


Please everyone who has HEOS and Spotify trouble, register an account and create a ticket at Denon support web site!

I would like to confirm that problems with playing Spotify on Heos still

Every day we lose the possibility of listening to the music and Spotify
and Heos lose their reputation! Please, inform us about your further
plans of repairing this issue.

Paweł Lula

Looks like its working for me after last update 🙂

Hi everyone,

It loosk like some people don't see this problem that Spotify stops since 1.373.100 and other still have the problem.

I was able to play for >3 hours first night after reset of everything and pressed stop myself (time to sleep). Day 2 it stopped after about 45 minutes.


I'm thinking about if different hardware verions works different....

I have three HEOS players of first generation (2xHEOS3+1xLink).


What kind of speakers do you have and do you see the problem or not?

1: 1st generation HEOS players (which models?)

2: 2nd generation HEOS HS2 players (which models?)

3: A mix of 1st and 2nd generation (which models?)

(If you have a mix, have you tried to have both 1st and 2nd generation as group master while getting the problem or when it works?)

Just sent an report to Denon. Its as bad as it was before the update. Worked better for a few days but today I have rebooted the speakers 5 times. My reason for purchasing HEOS was Spotify Connect 😞

It seems like my Heos 5 and Spotify issue has been fixed. Now , I do have a problem with free trial Pandora . Error massage $%%$### please try again .What's a problem with the Denon ?

I have this same problem. I can not play from spotify app on my heos Wi-Fi amplifier but I can play tune in etc from my heos amp. This is a problem that started awhile ago with sporadic cut but now I can't get spotify to work at all. This is an enormous waste of time. And money. Will post everywhere I can to consumers that they should not buy spotify and heos because you can't get your act together. This problem has a long history on your spotify "community" is see and you still haven't taken it seriously.

In my case since the last update I had only one incident, and it was with TuneIn, Spotify has worked flawlessly. I know this doesn't help others, I just wanted to bring more light into the issue.

How do you know which version of HEOS do you have, since clearly there are different behaviours and it might depend on different versions of the HEOS hardware/software?

I have the HEOS soundbar, but I do not know for instance whether there are different version of the soundbar.

I don't know if the soundbar was available in 1st generation.
I looked into settings/advanced/about for one of my HEOS3 1st generation
and it says:
Name: HEOS 3
Revision: 3
Module: 3.0

Software is probably the same for all HEOS as updates are mandatory.

The 2nd generation is called HS as sure name and can play lossless formats.

In the HEOS app is an overview of your equipment. If you send a message to Denon through the app, that information is added to your message.

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