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No sound through Heos and Spotify Connect


No sound through Heos and Spotify Connect

Right, I've been having a big problem with my Denon Heos 1 speaker and Spotify Connect.


Initially, my Heos speaker was connected to my wifi, and I could find it on Spotify Connect, then I would go through the process to play through the speaker, but no sound would come out the speaker. The track would progress along the timeline as normal, but it was as if I had muted it (I hadn't on Spotify or my speaker). However, when I pressed pause, the track timeline would reset to the beginning of the track. Further, the Heos app couldn't find the speaker.

I contacted Denon, and they have provided numerous solutions, I have since managed to connect to the speaker through the app. I can play music through any service: Deezer, Tunein Radio etc. However, I still cannot play using Spotify. The only difference now is that when I pause, the track timeline pauses as it should. There is still no music being played.


I have soft and hard resetted the Heos speaker, changed network settings etc., and it appears the problem with the speaker is solved. I am using a Macbook Air and iPhone 6 on the latest OS. I have uninstalled the Spotify app on both, restarted both devices, reinstalled the Spotify app, then restarted both devices again, logged into Spotify on both, and the problem still remains. Yet I can still play music using any other service.


I have recently gone from Spotify student premium to Spotify family, so I have premium, but that's the only thing that has changed, I'm not sure how this could have affected it.


I have restarted my router (BT Homehub 5), I have checked all the settings for it, turned off and on again the UPnP settings.


Anyone have any solutions before go insane from a lack of music in my life?

130 Replies

OK, in the About I read:

Name: HEOS Home Cinema

Revision: 2

Module: 3.0

Software player: 1.373.100(r93252)

Hi all!

I just got an email from my hifi-shop.
They have finally been able to get some kind of contact with Denon and they say they were told Denon has identified the problem and are working on a fix that hopefully will come within a week or two. I really hope they are able to fix it this time.
I think status information web page from Denon would be a minimum requirement from customers.
I have told Denon and the support agent promised to pass it on to management. But if they get the requirement from more people it will be a higher pressure...

I just started a 30day trial on Tidal.
And finally I can enjoy my HEOS 7 again.

At a price of 99sek/month there should be more people migrating from Spotify to other companies.
I still got my 1yr subscription on Spotify. But after that I will think twice before I get a new Spotyfy subscription...

Evidently not only the Heos lines have connectivity problem with Spotify connect. I cannot play my Pandora with the Heos 5. Also , the Denon AVR wifi receivers also have the same issue(s)

Same problems with me. I have used Spotify on my HEOS 5 without a problem for months until recently. I still can play other online music sources from my HEOS Android app (soundcloud, Tunein) but Spotify has problems.

Exactly the same with me. Everything worked ok until recently. I can still play other online music sources through my Heos Android app on my HEOS 5 but Spotify cannot play on Heos AFTER I switched from Spotify to Tunein (ot other source) in the Android app. When I want to switch back to Spotify the Spotify app shows the Heos is connected but no sound is available. I then have to restart all devices until I can use Spotify and HEOS again. I have the latest .110 firmware and HEOS Android release.

Dear Friends,

in my Heos system all problems mentioned here still persist. In
addition, a new problem has appeared today. During playing my speaker
suddenly has stopped to work and red LED has begun to blink (firmware
error). First it happened during playing music from Spotify, and after
some hours during playing inTune radio (on other speaker). In both cases
it was possible to start playing again from my smartphone.

Maybe do you have similar issues?

Best regards,

Paweł Lula

I saw this blinking red light once playing from TuneIn. My impression is that it is not completely smooth when you start controlling the HEOS from another version of the app (for instance I start on my phone, but then I take control from the iPad), but not sure that this is the reason.

Luckily, after the last updated, I am able to listen without interruption for the whole album. I don't have time to see how long they can play beyond 30 minutes or so. Anyway, I am considering I was lucky it can last that long without any hick up for about 2 weeks now.
I've tried the Pandora one week free trial to see how the Heos 5 works with Pandora, I could not even open the Pandora via the Heos app. My 2 Heos 5 are still in the 30 days returned from Amazon. I already have the return tickets and they are ready to go back. The other 3 Heos 5 are over 30 days so be it. I have been having a reservation about Denon and Marantz products for a over a decade since a few installers told me about their experiences with the unreliable Denon AVR products and my own experience with the top of the line Denon AVR. 
My instinct is right. Meanwhile , I enjoy my HK, Omi10, 20 without a worry when they will stop the music during listening session. 

I have never seen flashing red.
Flashing purple is very common when Spotify hangs.

Version 1.373.120 released today.

No crash for >3h first day...(but that also happened at least ones with both previous versions...)

Let's see what happens tomorrow... crossed fingers, knock on wood... 

Anyone else tried out version 1.373.120? 

IGOR!.... It's alive!

Also heer problem Sems to befixed.

only when switching from playlist, music stops. But this happend only with My Daily Mix lists, so is a Spotify issue.

I noticed the same. Everything works except Daily Mixes. It seems that daily mixes do not work via Spotify Connect. Likely to be a Spotify issue.

No interruptions since the latest update. Fingers crossed it will last!

It's been flawless here as well since the 1.373.120 upgrade.

Marked as solution

Thank you all for hanging in there and having the patience to wait out this storm (3 months of it) regarding Spotify Connect on the Heos systems. We are glad to finally have been able to resolve the outstanding issues together with Denon on their integration! I am considering this ticket resolved and we will be holding an internal incident retrospective on this.

We have not been able to reproduce Daily Mix playback issues on our end. Could someone please open a new topic on the behavior and there describe in detail what happens? Cheers all, enjoy the music.

Heos 5 connects fine, but my Heos 3 and 7 both still won't work with spotify for last two days

I have the EXACT same problem! what can I do to fix it? Super frustratng when I just got a brand new sound system!



Did you install update of the Heos app, and then updare the speakers?

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