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No sound through Heos and Spotify Connect


No sound through Heos and Spotify Connect

Right, I've been having a big problem with my Denon Heos 1 speaker and Spotify Connect.


Initially, my Heos speaker was connected to my wifi, and I could find it on Spotify Connect, then I would go through the process to play through the speaker, but no sound would come out the speaker. The track would progress along the timeline as normal, but it was as if I had muted it (I hadn't on Spotify or my speaker). However, when I pressed pause, the track timeline would reset to the beginning of the track. Further, the Heos app couldn't find the speaker.

I contacted Denon, and they have provided numerous solutions, I have since managed to connect to the speaker through the app. I can play music through any service: Deezer, Tunein Radio etc. However, I still cannot play using Spotify. The only difference now is that when I pause, the track timeline pauses as it should. There is still no music being played.


I have soft and hard resetted the Heos speaker, changed network settings etc., and it appears the problem with the speaker is solved. I am using a Macbook Air and iPhone 6 on the latest OS. I have uninstalled the Spotify app on both, restarted both devices, reinstalled the Spotify app, then restarted both devices again, logged into Spotify on both, and the problem still remains. Yet I can still play music using any other service.


I have recently gone from Spotify student premium to Spotify family, so I have premium, but that's the only thing that has changed, I'm not sure how this could have affected it.


I have restarted my router (BT Homehub 5), I have checked all the settings for it, turned off and on again the UPnP settings.


Anyone have any solutions before go insane from a lack of music in my life?

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Denon? Not Spotify?
Well then, all credit to Denon for helping us out. But do this mean that they just "down"grades the previous uppdate or what? If the problem was Spotify related, then the problems still remains until next Spotify update. If so, what was included in that that huge Denon upgrade? Except al them "regular bug fixes".
I'm aware of that software updates can cause huge problems. So really no hard feelings to neither Spotify is Denon.
I had plenty of times exploring TuneIn that I definitely hadn't checked out if Spotify connect had worked properly.

Spotify Connect on hardware is a hardware vendor integrating a Spotify library, this upgrade included an update to the Spotfy library used, where sadly some of the changes in functionality slipped the otherwise quite extensive testing that is done before such a firmware update is rolled out. We are aiming for having a fix out later this week, do trust the Denon suppport.

Hoping that firmware will come soon. One thing I learned from this so far - disable auto-updates on HEOS. If it works, don't fix it 🙂 ... Dear Denon - thank you for fantastic products, now please let me get my Spotify back on my HEOS ASAP.

Hi Everyone. I bought total of five Heos 5 due to the discount price. I used to be Denon fan some ten years ago but since the unreliablity of a  Denon top model AVR and  Even some Denon Installers confirmed the same unreliabilty issue , I stopped purchase Denon products for a few years.

Since the time I bought five of the Denon Heos 5, I have nothing but anxiety and panic due to their unpredictibilty performance. Sometimes, the five Heos 5s play for a while then stop produce sound. I have done hard reset, re-connected to my wifi. The results are the same. Luckily, I still have 2 Heos 5 within the 30 day returns. So I will keep three of them with no choice but I at least I can get some of my money back. Control the damage as much as I can.


I even have to switch my long time subcribed Internet provider to another provider but the end result is still the same.

On another note, I find out that, if I unplug the Heos 5 from the Surge protection for about half hour, turn off the "auto upgraded" function, then all five the Heos 5 play again for a while but the same two Heos 5 stop producing sound even though the speaker from my I-phone still produces sound.


This is hit and miss products from Denon. When they ( Heos5s) work, they sound wonderfully at low volume ( I am  nearfield listener). 

I don't think the router or the network are the problem since I have new router with new internet provider. 

I also owned two of the Harman Kardon Omni 10 and I have never had any issue with its performamce via bluetooth but the Omni10 when group as a stereo pair, there is no Spotify premium app. 


These wifi speakers to my opionion have a long way to go to perfection. Bluetooth version 4.0 is not the perfect way to go but the bluetooth speakers are the way to go for me right now. It's a hassle that I don't want, so two of my Heos5 are packed and ready to go back for refunds.

I am off the Sonos, Denon Wifi technology. Either wired or bluetooth speakers. Bye bye Denon Heos series. I guess Denon know the flaws in their wifi design so the new Heos line come with bluetooth.


Bets wish.







Hi Denon. The week is almost gone. Do you guys work weekends too? Can't wait to get the update you promised this week, so we can finally hear music again.

Same problem going on 3 weeks now. Getting real old. Denon needs to get Google Play integrated.

Mine is working fine now, without me doing anything. So I suppose there must a fix of some kind. Maybe not effective for everyone

Mine still are not working, I've ungrouped all my speakers and just playing out of one seems more reliable for now.

Any idea, like exact date, when this problem will be fixed? Just bought the HEOS 5 last week and immediately already have this issue of no sound through the HEOS and Spotify Connect... quite annoying

Dear Denon, please don't let your customers hanging like this. Somehow our product was broken by this update. Had this been me, I would immediately roll back the update until a proper fix could be made available. Either way, we are still not able to use our HEOS products to their full capacity and for every day that goes by, the likely hood of us buying your product the next time we need something grows smaller.


Hope you will take the time to at least provide us with an update.

Hi Jokkon,
What's the latest status on the update release?


Hey all, a firmware update should be pushed from Denon, please test it out and feedback if it resolves the issue. Sorry for it dragging out!



Updated and it's working for now! Will update if this changes. Thanks!

Hi, I received two updated in the Heos app. I went ahead and updated the Heos software and I would updated Spotify after that. Once the Heos finished updating its software, the Spotify notification disappeared . Do I need to update both? If so, how could I update the Spotify connect along with the Denon Heos? Thank you in advance.

I assume it was automatically pushed out. Spotify connect is working again on my box too 🙂


Thank you!!! ... please don't mess it up again 😉

Denon released an update/downgrade. Not Spotify.
I must update my speaker too. Haven't been able to do it myself yet.

Sorry, I am not certain I follow.


Spotify updating the Spotify phone/desktop client should be irrelevant. Denon upgrading their firmware/app package (Denon Heos app+firmware upgrade) is relevant. The change after doing the firmware upgrade (to version 1.373.100) should enable Spotify Connect playback from the Spotify phone/desktop client once again. There is no such thing as "updating Spotify Connect" for an end user - end users like yourself should not have to be aware of such things. I am sorry that you came to be!

After the HEOS update I have now enjoyed 2 hours of uninterrupted music. I'm happy. And it's Friday!

Dear Spotify, Dear Denon,

thanks a lot for your effort in updating Heos software system!

I have tested a new version of software for two days. I hoped that
everything is OK, but unfortunately an old problem has appeared again
some minutes ago.

At my home I have four Heos speakers. Music from Spotify was playing on
one of them. And I decided to switch to another speaker using Spotify
program on my laptop. After choosing a speaker, it did not start to play
(but the Spotify application was showing that the song was playing). I
did not to manage to play music on this speaker. It was possible to use
other speakers or to play on my laptop. I had to reboot the speaker.
After rebooting it started to work properly.

Could you fix this problem, please!

Best regards,

Paweł Lula

My problems with Spotify Connect and HEOS started right after I updated to version 1.364.110, released 2016-07-25.

Spotify music stopped between songs and sometimes I had to powercycle the HEOS player that had been group master.

After several hours of testing and reporting to they first wanted me to reset, reistall etc and after a few days they responded they were aware of the problem. After some more days they asked for more diagnostics and wanted me to test just one HEOS player and send diagnostics when it hanged and I did that.

Then I got a reply that they had identified the problem and I had to wait for the next firmware release and that took a few weeks more. No information regarding the issue on the support site!

Then at 2016-09-21 they released 1.373.100 and I updated my three HEOS players.

To start with, network discovery for the Link found my receiver that has not been found since an update about a year ago (where denon thought it was my network or hardware related and wanted me to take an AVR and the Link to the specialist store...)

Then I started to play music from Spotify and I could even add songs to running que without stops...for a few songs...after about 10 songs it stopped again. I tried to send diagnostics and all three players started to flash purple for 1-2 minutes. Then I could not play Spotify to the HEOS group. But TuneIn worked fine and I could play Spotify to my phone. No network problems. I took the group apart but could not play Spotify to the player that had been group master, but to another player. After that I could play shift back and play Spotify to the former group master.

Yesterday I could play Spotify to my HEOSx3-group for about three hours and then it hanged again. I had to powercycle the player that had been master to be able to play Spotify again (TuneIn worked fine). I flushed memory on my Spotify app and logged in again.

Today I started a long list of songs and it worked for about 10-15 songs and hanged. Sent diagnostics and all players started to flash purple again. Tried to ungroup, shift Spotify to another player and back but had to powercycle the player that had been group master again.


No status updats from Denon. My support ticket was set in resolved status after last update without confirmation by me. No working Spotify, so I have been paying for a service I only can use for troubleshooting. The joy of listening to music is gone, all I listen for is what will happen between songs and when it will stop next time.


This is not acceptable!

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