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No sound via Connect from Yamaha RX-V677

No sound via Connect from Yamaha RX-V677

I have a Spotify Premium account. I start playing a song on my Android Tablet and connect it to Yamaha A/V Receiver RX-V677. On the tablet as well as the on screen menu of the receiver the song seems to be streaming but there is no sound. I switch back to the tablet and the sound plays from the tablet. Any clue where lies the issue and what it could be? Thanks.

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Hi ,i have the same problem on my RX 677 spent ages trying to get ot to play with no succsess.

Did you ever resolve this problem?  At least you are one of the very few who actaully has your AVR show up as a device..  sadly it won't play to it.


Something is mega, mega, mega wrong with SPOTIFY CONNECT.


The good news is that the Spotify Connect did connect to my AVR sometime back but bad news is that I did nothing to fix it. It just happened automatically one day. I would suggest you maybe force stop and clear data/cache on your spotify app and try once again. Thanks.

I have exactly the same issue - Spotify not interested in assisting so i'm taking my Yamaha back and cancelling my Spotify subscription.

I am having the same issue with the RX V677. It used to work fine 😠

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