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No video for podcasts

No video for podcasts






Phone, LG TV, Laptop

Operating System

Android and Windows 11


My Question or Issue

Hi! I've been watching podcasts (specifically JRE) on my TV for more than half a year, and suddenly today it no the Spotify app no longer shows the video (the audio is available as usual, and instead of the video, the JRE logo appears on the screen). I thought it was an issue with my device or something, but after a restart, reinstall and so on, nothing changed. I checked the video on my phone, and it wasn't available either. When I connected through my laptop, the video was working as usual, but I remembered that I had a VPN on. After I disconnected it, the video disappeared once again. I checked with several episodes, including ones that I had video access previously for sure. The same thing happens.


I have a suspicion that you disabled the video option for Israel, and I'm wondering why.

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Hello all well? As the video system is relatively new and is in the testing phase, unfortunately there may be some failures. But I hope that your system has already normalized and that you have already been able to watch your favorite videos. Strong hug!

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