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Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia 8110 4G

Will Spotify be one of the few apps allowed on the new Nokia 8110 4G (KaiOS?)? My work will be buying these for our fleet, and we use Spotify a lot.



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Yes please! Spotify is the only app i miss after going low tech. I am buying the 8110 and having a 90's walkman in my belt makes the cool kids throw rocks at me.


In all honesty tho. I need my music in my pocket. Please spotify... make one of your programming wizzards write an app for KaiOS ❤

If spotify will be in 8110, i will quit my apple music immediatly


Please make a Spotify app for the Nokia 8110. If I can’t listen to Spotify on this phone I’ll probably cancel my order... 

Im planning on going low-tech with the Nokia 8110 4G but spotify is one of the apps i really need.

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