Nokia Asha 210


Nokia Asha 210

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I'm considering buying the Nokia Asha 210 upon release, which hasn't been announced here in Germany yet, but should be quite soon, as the Nokia Press Release pointed towards a Q3 release.


Im now wondering if there is, or will be a Spotify App up and running on this Device?!  I've searched the web, but could not find a definite answer... 


The Nokia Asha 210 is running 

  • Software-Plattform: Series 40 
  • Software-Version: Series 40 Asha 

Thank you in advance,

Spotify Rocks,



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The Nokia S40 OS is proprietory and basically only allows the running of java apps. Spotify won't work on such devices and I have no idea if Spotify intend to support S40 in the future. You're unlikely to get an official answer of future developments since they tend to keep such plans secret.