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Nokia Lumia 625 wont install

Nokia Lumia 625 wont install

I have a Nokia Lumia 625

Windows 8.1

recently updated!


It keeps asking me to update to latest version and wont install spotify. this is the latest update?

Its the one thing i use mobile frequently any help?


i keep gettingmessage


"we are having trouble innstallling this app. if this is the first time you have seen this messaage go ahead andtry again.  if the app still wont install goto your phone update settinngs to make sure yourphone settings aree upto date.


try again or close....


i have tried both and thephone was updated today, any ideas? driving me  nuts!

2 Replies

Out of all of the devices Spotify supports, Windows phone, unfrotunately, lags a little behind. Have you tried completely uninstalling the Spotify app from your phone before trying to update it? Try to do a clean install, and let me know if that works. 


Thanks, tried all this and always comes back with same message.

Complete delete restart and reinstall , same message each time. Tanks for taking time to try and help

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