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Not Working at all

Not Working at all

Every time I try to open it in my browser it pops up with a note at the top that says, "Opps, something went wrong. Please reload."

And it keeps doing that until eventually it won't open anything and the following message displays:


504 Gateway Time-out

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Same for me.


And spotify status shows that everything is ok. So their status tracker is also busted.

Having issues on the web spotify, can't play songs, maybe the same server problems ?

Hey @StygianFuse


There seems to be an issue with the web player. It hit me as well and I have same errors going on.

Spotify is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. It may take a little while, but hopefully it's fixed as soon as possible! 🙂


The desktop player seems to work right now, which is nice!


Let me know if you have more questions 🙂

What's the difference between the web player and the browser player?


(Sorry if it seems like a dumb question.)



There are no dumb questions. 🙂


The difference between web player and the desktop client is that you'll have to install the desktop client one to use and play music on it. It is a standalone program which will also have the highest amount of features.

The web player and browser player are pretty much synonyms to me, because both refer to which can be accessed with an internet browser.


Edit: There's now an official statement on Twitter (@SpotifyStatus) notifying that they are aware of the issues and are looking into it. I suggest keeping your eye on SpotifyStatus for further tweets. 🙂


Feel free to ask more questions 🙂

Problem fixed for me after less than an hour !

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