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Not a Single Song Will Play on my Desktop

Not a Single Song Will Play on my Desktop

No songs will play.  AS soon as I press play a blu bar at the top drops down and says: "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it." This happens not matter which song I want to listen to. It happens with songs in 'Charts', songs in 'New Releases'.  Every single song.  I press play and nothing happens.  Nothing appears in the side pane or bar at the bottom.  The issue only happens with my desktop.  The app on my phone works fine.

I logged out and logged back in, I've restarted my desktop, did a clean reinstall of Spotify and nothing has fixed the issue.


I'm on a desktop PC running Windows 7
I have a Premium Spotify account version


I attached a screenshot of the message displayed and below are examples of a few songs that I cannot play:


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Was just about to post the exact same question.  I can play everything on Android but nothing on WIndows.  Premium user...

I'm facing the same problem. I have windows 7 and the latest version of Spotify and not a single song will play. Everything plays on the android app. I am honestly considering unsubscribing from premium.

I'm having the same issue as well. Running windows 8 64 bit. But I'm running the free version. I've uninstalled Spotify a few times and reinstalled it still won't solve the problem. Have the same message pop up on Spotify. Looked for other ways to fix this issue but Spotify is lacking on customer service. If anything you should receive compensation since you haven't been able to use their services. It's not right. Spotify should totally redo their customer service and be done with the ask the community. A bunch of bs if you ask me.

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