Not able to find playlist that exist?


Not able to find playlist that exist?

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I have listened and added a playlist called "thought for food" and I am quite sure it is a "Spotify" playlist.

I have also added it to my Sonos favorits but now its gone in my Spotify but still in Sonos (saying its a claeswillen Spotify playlist)?

When I search in Spotify I only find one other list with that name but thats not the right list (but the same name).

Anyone knows what the problem can be?


Best regards,

Claes Willén, Sweden

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Hmm, I found the problem!

The list has changed name to "Feel Good Dinner".

This is the list, found it in google searching for "thought for food".


Really good "lounge/relax" music!!


Problem solved!  🙂

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It's not the first time a public playlist is deleted or changed, and there's no way to recover it if you're not the owner.


To me, it's considered good practice adding to your library (or saving into a private playlist) music you like from public playlists. That way you can customize it to your own liking.


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