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'Not available in your area'

'Not available in your area'

Quite often some tracks and entire albums are not available on my squeezebox touch (message says 'not available in your area').

The identical album is available on my laptop! So it surely is available in my area?

Anyone had this problem, how is it rectified?

Many thanks....

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The issue is with how re-linking happens. In the Spotify clients, if a track is unavailable to you (in a playlist for example), Spotify will attempt to find the same track on another album or version of the same album which is available and play that version instead. That whole process happens in the background (although you can tell if a track has been re-linked as it will have a "Go To Replacement" option in the right click menu. 


Unfortunately, it appears the Squeezebox Spotify application doesn't have that functionality, so if it comes across a Spotify track it can't play due to country restrictions, it simply can't play it. 

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